I fell in love with the idea as soon as I beheld these real Nature bounties within a shiny jewelry pieces. Nature is marvellous, each and every thing in nature is worth to admire - moss, blossom and seed as well as fruit or sand grain. We often admire macro photo - we can eventually catch sight of the Nature's miracle there. And this eco jewelry is just like that - just like macro photo made three-dimensional!

You may hold it in Your hand, look within the tiny world of the piece of the great Nature... and actually wear it as an accessory!

I am not an artist. I am a craftswoman - I use tiny pieces of the great Artist's work - Nature - and embed them in a qualitative and aesthetic "frame" - jewelry.

Dabas Rotas in latvian means 'adornments of nature'.

All jewelry in my shop Dabas Rotas is made of eco resin - plant based resin that is 100% non-toxic, 100% non-yellowing, 100% non-conductive, 100% non-allergic and safe both for environment and user!

I am owner of Dabas Rotas, eco jewelry crafting is my full time job and I love it!  I do every stage of jewelry crafting myself - from plant gathering to packaging - and I completely enjoy it. As a mother of three children, I highly appreciate support of my beloved husband. We live in Riga, capital city of Latvia, but soon farmhouse will be our home. Latvia is a green country in Eastern Europe, woods cover almost 50% of national area. I would dare to say that forest is in my blood - I have lived by the wood my entire life (yes - we have woods even in the capital city!), I love woods, and I am happy I can make something beautiful to preserve the beauty of the nature of my country.

My purpose of life is to discover and reveal for myself and other people the Great Creator's boundless wisdom and love and the endless beauty of the created world through my lifestyle and work.

Nature is the best adornment!